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Monday, September 29, 2008

Geocaching in The Woodlands, Texas to High Point, NC up to Richmond VA

What a great time we had on our trip!  We flew Saturday, 20 September from Quito, Ecuador to Houston.  Because Continental has cut back on flights we had an eight hour layover.  What to do?!? A good friend who lives in The Woodlands came to pick us up and take us back to his house.  The whole area was recovering from Hurricane Ike.  Everywhere we went folks were cleaning up downed trees and limbs.  Our friend Jim got out the mountain bikes and off we went to find some of the many geocaches in The Woodlands.  These were our first geocaches in Texas!  We had a blast.  All the caches we came across had weathered the storm well.  My favorite in this group was On Gossling Pond GCHGJN.  It was hot and muggy, unlike the cool Quito weather.  After geocaching we had time for a swim in the pool and then a nice steak cook out with Jim, family and friends before Jim and Jane took us back to the airport to catch our flight to Greensboro/High Point, NC.  Sunday we went to church with our son-in-law and then visited with our oldest daughter and her family at their new house.  In the afternoon we set out in a rental car for Richmond, VA via Danville and South Boston.  We picked up a number on cool, sunny afternoon drive to Richmond.  My favorite was a virtual that is called, Mothers, we've come for your daughters GCM529.  We had a series of meetings that got out each day around 3 p.m.  The weather was great so from Monday to Wednesday we were out geocaching in north Richmond.  I recommend visiting Bryan Park and Three Lakes Park.  They have a nice concentration of interesting caches.  These parks are free and they abound in trails and woods. Sumajhuarmi is a runner.  On Wednesday evening she ran in a 5K race and outran 55 young 20/30 somethings.  Not bad as she is coming up on 52 this week!  Of course she regularly runs 10K at 10,000 feet above sea level so she has lots of red blood cells and can run like she's blood doping.  On Thursday afternoon we took Interstate 95/85 south into North Carolina and over to High Point.  Hurricane Kyle was kicking up wind and rain but we were able to pick up a few more caches along the way.  I really wanted to stop by the Oxford Travel Bug-Coin Hotel GC1C8A2.  I regularly read HeadHardHat's blog.  He is the owner of this fine hotel.  Dropped some travel bugs from Ecuador and picked up a few along the way to take to South America.  Friday and Saturday were pretty rainy but we were able to find a few.  One of my favorite areas is the Peidmont Environmental Center near High Point, NC.  The trails are great!  My favorite find there was Up the Root Hole GC2F43.  I found this one in the pouring rain.  All told, this trip was great for being with our NC family and finding 37 new caches.  I made the 300 milestone!  Now I have a few TBs to take to Ecuador and release on their way.  
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