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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Poas Volcano, Costa Rica --- earthcaching

October 2007 Sumajhuarmi and I had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica recently. We took advantage of an extra day to go geocaching in that beautiful country. One of the geocaches we found was at Poas Volcano, about two hours north of San Jose. We rented a car and drove up into the high rain forest and the clouds. It turned into a rainy day. The national park is real nice and worth your visit. We weren't able to see the volcano crater, though we stood overlooking it. The fog was so thick. We were able to register an earthcache though. Earthcaches are virtuals, that is to say, there isn't anything hidden due to restrictions. In order to get credit the website said we had to gather specific information form the location, then send it to the owner for permission to log the find. Earthcaching is really cool! You learn as you visit an interesting site. There are many earthcaches around the world. Several new ones have popped up in Ecuador and I want to find them too.
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