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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Unique caches, part 1

We live in cache-poor Ecuador but had a three week vacation in North Carolina with a little travel to Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia.  This summer I carried my camera with me on all my caching runs.  I found some unique geocaches that I couldn't resist photographing.  I really like it when the cache owner has spent some time planning and preparing the cache.  It makes for a great challenge and for a feeling of accomplishment when you find it.  It's just not the old skirtlifting LPC variety that I'm most interested in finding.  One that I liked was a guardrail cache.  Now I thought "magnetic" but that wasn't the case.  After searching for a while with a friend we were about to give up.  A review of the cache name gave me the clue.  See the picture of the nut.  The owner fixed a nut and bolt together leaving a space for a log container, then screwed it on the bolt from the guardrail support.  Then there was the coniferous tree with the hollowed out pine cone.  I know the people in the park thought that this mountain bike rider was a little crazy crawling around up inside that big tree with its branches spread all over the place.  That's alright, most folks were in the AC and not watching.  More unique caches later.  I'd love to hear about any of your unique cache finds.
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