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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Geocaching, a fun outdoor sport

Not many people know about geocaching. I learned about it just last month. Geocaching is a sport or past time utilizing the Internet, a Global Positioning System Receiver, and your legs to get out into nature. Here's how it works. You get yourself a GPSr. Then go to the website The website has lots of information about the sport and how you can get involved. It's free to register and begin participating. Look for geocaches near where you live. They are in most countries around the world. More tend to be in the US, Canada and Europe than in Latin America but we are working on that. Once you find the list of caches for your area, click on one and gather the information you need to find the cache. You'll input the coordinates to your GPSr and off you go to look for the cache. The cache may be anything from an ammo can or a tupperware container down to a really small 35mm container. Inside, depending on the size, will be as a minimum a log sheet. The bigger it is the more likely that you'll find small trade items. The rules are that you sign the log and, should you desire, exchange something of equal or greater worth. You don't have to trade to play the game. You then replace the cache in the same location where you found it so the next person can have the same opportunity you had. You don't want others who aren't geocaching with you to see you find or rehide the cache so some stealth is required. When you get home you return to the webpage for the cache you found, register your find and leave a simple message. The message will be sent to the owner of the cache automatically. Geocaching is great because it gets you outside, allows you to combine techy kinds of stuff with the great outdoors. You'll see places you will likely not visit if it weren't for geocaching. Give it a shot. Visit and find out more.
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