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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Casitagua Volcano

What a day!  Ignacio, Mercedes, Richard and I took off after church this afternoon and went up Casitagua Volcano and look down into the crater.  This is an ancient, inactive volcano.  Near the top we came to Ventana Casitagua.  From there we could see much of the old crater.  There are roads, houses and farms in the crater.  We went higher and found a place along the ridgeline where we were able to look one way into the crater and the other direction down on a panarama of north Quito, Carcelen, Carapungo, Calderon, Pomasqui and far out into the Valley de los Chillos.  The view was fantastic.  For the mountain climbers who also like to geocache, you're blessed.  We put out the Casitagua geocache.  It's a micro hidden where the average shepherd won't find it but where a goecacher with the coordinates and the clues should have no problem.  If you aren't a geocacher you may be asking what is a micro?  A micro geocache is a small sized container with a log book (in this case a rolled up log sheet for the finder to sign).  In this case we hid a small medicine bottle.  I hope you'll come climb Casitagua and find this cache!

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