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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quilotoa Volcano Lake Climb and Hike

August 2007 Sumajhuarmi and I had a nice weekend get away to Quilotoa Crater Lake. It is located several hours south of Quito and about 1.5 hours west of Latacunga, deep in Quichua country. We arrived on a Friday afternoon and had time to visit the overlook and get our first pictures. We also hiked down to the lake below. Down hill was easy, coming back up was tough. We stayed in a hostal nearby and really enjoyed it. On Saturday morning we hiked clockwise around the crater lake. At the beginning of the hike a sign warned us of high wind danger on the trails and cliffs. It also warned that groups should be five or more in number. Just then three new friends walked up and we made a five-some. They were a couple from Holland and a young German man. This hike was harder than a previous hike around Cuicocha Volcano Crater Lake due to the significant accents and descents. I highly recommend this hike! Check out the geocache hidden just down the trail into the crater. You can find it and all you need to know about geocaching by visiting
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