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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Traveling with a Travel Bug - Riobamba, Ecaudor

My friend Jimnet2005 has gotten into Travel Bugs. His car is a travel bug now that he has a magnetic travel bug tag on the hood. My Traveling Car (TB3VWN0) is making its way around Ecuador. In some places you could leave the tag on the car and maybe not run the risk of it disappearing. Not so in Ecuador and other countries. Jimnet2005 has to take it off when he parks the car in public. Of course that makes it hard for uninvited geocachers to find this one. Sorry that I didn't take a close up picture so you could grab it virtually. I'm sure that Jimnet2005 would have welcomed that. Let's see if he responds to this post with the information so you can log it. It's up to him. Jimnet2005 lives in beautiful Riobamba, Ecuador, homeland of the Puruha segment of the Chimborazo Quichua. Jimnet2005 is populating that part of the central highlands with geocaches worth your time. A look at the log for this TB tells you that it is the owner's way of keeping track of the miles he travels between caches he visits. That's a great idea! I'm hoping he can get his Traveling Car out into more of Ecuador to place more caches.
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