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Sunday, March 25, 2012

O'Hare Airport Virtual

On one of our trips back to South America we were routed from NC to Chicago's O'Hare Airport, then to Houston and on south. It was kind of out of the way but that's alright because we were flying free on air miles. We made the best of a couple hour layover by searching out the first terminal airport cache I've ever heard of. Maybe there are some more out there. This ones a virtual, which means it was placed before Groundspeak restricted the placement of virtual caches. We got off our Continental flight at terminal B and followed the GPSr needle a quarter mile to the next terminal. The instructions said that even with the signal bounce we'd experience if we stayed close to the window it would work out. I got to the location and started looking for the alpha numeric sequence somewhere about ground zero. Sumajhuarmi found what we thought could be the sequence of numbers but I was concerned that what we'd found was too precarious to survive so many years. ORD Layover (GC5165) was placed 4/25/2002. Since to get credit I had to enter the seven characters from the sequence into the last part of a URL and since I didn't have Internet connectivity while there, I continued looking for any other options. I figured I would take all the options and try them. The cache page said that I'd get an unavailable page message if I entered the wrong code. Thanks to this cache I passed my time in O'Hare with some entertainment. I probably provided a little entertainment to the curious travelers watching the guy walking around the terminal like he was confused and lost. When I made it to my destination I logged it and sure enough sumajhuarmi was correct. We had the right code! This cache has 105 favorites and 1816 visits at this writing. If you are traveling through the Windy City's airport, be sure and plan the time you need to get over to this cache inside the terminal area. Thanks to Flickr for some of the photo work.
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