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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cemetery Caching

Would you place a cache in a cemetery? Would you go look for one there? I've never heard a conversation about this topic. Probably if I visit the forums at Groundspeak or Podcacher I could find some discussion about this. I've never placed one in a cemetery but I've found a few. Thus far I found them to be respectfully placed where they don't lead people to disturb the grave sites. This means that trees in the cemetery are the most likely places you'll find them. As such most of the cemetery caches I've found have been micros, usually bison tubes in trees. I was recently geocaching in the Duluth, GA in the southeastern United States and found one that interested me. Sleepy Hollow (GCKFRB) is a regular size container with the swag we all like to find. What made it interesting was its location. At least 17 other people feel the same as it has that many favorite selections at this writing. I left my hotel and headed out to find a few caches before heading back home to North Carolina. We were in Duluth for a wedding. While the family spent time in the pool I pursued my hobby. Most of the caches in the area were pretty typical urban caches. The area is really industrialized. Yet in the heart of this built-up area the cache owner found a great place for a larger cache. In the midst of parking lots, office buildings, loading docks and more sits a small piece of ridge line that was not carved away for the sake of progress. It's there because it is the family plot for some early farmers who settled into this area. It's likely that there are no family members left in the area to care for the cemetery. It has a gate around it but it looks as if no one has cleaned and maintained the graves. It was a weekend when I found this cache so there were no muggles about what could have otherwise been a busy area. I parked in the parking lot and could see the cemetery about 100 feet away up the hill. I climbed up on the piece of carved out ridge line and found the gate unlocked. At first I scouted around the outside of the fence, initially convinced by the GPSr needle that it was going to be just outside the fence. When that didn't work out I returned and entered the fenced area. I stopped to look at the dates and names on some of the graves. Apparently the Steel family lived in this area as several family members are buried here. It didn't take long to find the cache. After signing the log and replacing the cache I took a few pictures but they don't do justice to the area. If you are in Duluth this one is worth your time. Pass up on those LPCs and check this one out. It's not very far off of Interstate 85. Caches in cemeteries. Yeah, I'm alright with it as long as they don't do damage or cause others to do damage when they visit. What do you think?
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