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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mancora Beach Resort Vacation

Peru is known for its surfing. Even the Beach Boys include Peru in their list of places to surf in one of their songs. Around Lima and places to the south of Lima there are good waves but the water is cold and in some places the beaches are pretty rocky. I think the best beaches of Peru are along the northern coast. You can fly into Tumbes, Peru from Lima (about an hour and a half flight), leaving the desert environment just around Lima and plop down in a world of rice paddies and heat. A 1.5 hour ride south in a taxi or van will bring you along the coast and into a more arid climate with some of the most beautiful beaches in South America. We stayed at the Mancora Beach Bungelows a few miles south of Mancora. The road to the place is a dirt road and full of bumps. When you get to the resort you find that it was worth the trip. The closest geocache to here is probably two hundred miles to the north in Guayaquil, Ecuador. A friend who was with me on this trip attempted to list a cache near the resort but apparently the reviewers would not allow him to do it as he lives too far away to maintain it. Maybe when you come you'll have better luck hiding a geocache. Approval seems to depend on who is reviewing the request the day you submit it. Geocache or not, I highly recommend the Mancora area for a beach get-away. We had a great time in the water, relaxing on the beach, collecting sea shells and visiting with friends. From Mancora we did take the bus up to Guayaquil. It was an 11 hour ride but worth the experience of crossing the border on a bus. Guayaquil has its fill of geocaches.
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