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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Bride's Veil Geocache "El Velo de la Novia" - Peruvian Jungle

I had a great time with some friends who took me to see a special place they know in the Peruvian jungle. I traveled with them from Pucallpa, Peru westward through flat land that gave way to rolling hills and eventually, after about three hours brought us to the foot of the first row of mountains before heading into the Andes Mountains proper. It was amazing to watch the terrain change as we moved westward. We arrived at an area called El Boquerron, the big mouth. It is a gorge through which the Yuracyacu River flows eastward coming out of the mountains and empties into the Amazon watershed. We stopped at several waterfalls. One was called "The Devil's Shower". It was right along the main highway. GTAbusquedor hid a cache nearby with that same name. Check it out. From there we traveled a short distance through a dark one lane tunnel. At the other end we emerged into the sunlight and the parking area for The Bride's Veil waterfall. We crossed several bridges to arrive at the waterfall itself. See the picture above. We dropped our things near the restaurant and headed for the water. Even though it was an overcast day we had a good time cooling off in the pool of water created at the base of the waterfall. A little later I went looking for and found (FTF!) El Velo de la Novia (GC3C2KC) After our adventure at the waterfalls we traveled up the mountain through some rough washed out roads. Numerous landslides apparently make it difficult to maintain this section of road. If you are ever in the Central Peruvian jungle be sure to checkout El Boquerron and its many waterfalls, hiking trails and canoe excursion opportunities nearby. Check out the geocaches there too!
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