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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Wetlands

When we go off on an anniversary trip (this year made 35 years of happy marriage for us) we don't fill the trip with geocaching. While I'm the enthusiast, my wife is tolerant but to a point. As we headed out for our two-day get away I had lots of geocaches plotted out. Now I knew that I'd only get to a handful of them but I always plan ahead just in case. On our way from Greensboro, NC to Charlotte we stopped of at a wetlands park in Cabarrus County. I particularly enjoy parks where you can leave the car safely parked, get out and wall the trails and have a good time. It was an overcast day when we pulled into the Wetlands Park. It is just a short distance off of Interstate 85. There were several caches in the park, my favorite being the earthcache Wetlands of North Cabarrus Park (GC28YNW). We found several regular size woodland caches as well. It was a great stop off to drop some Travel Bugs and Coins and to stretch our legs. Fortunately the only caches on the ground were up in the woods and not in the wetlands.
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