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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Anne Lee's Grave

Recently we traveled to the northern hemisphere experiencing the sudden change from summer to winter. One of the highlights of our time in North Carolina involved getting out into the woodlands again. It was an unseasonably warm winter day when I was able to visit the grave of one of the daughters of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. As I approached the private cemetery in the woods well off the main highway I found myself in a quiet, peaceful location. The winter leaves were everywhere. It looked as if the family plots are still being maintained by someone. The cache is hidden at a respectful distance from the graves out in the woods. As a history enthusiast I might have come here anyway but having a cache here made it that much more enticing. Anne Carter Lee came south to Sulfur Springs outside of Warrenton, NC in 1862 with her mother. The Civil War had her famous father completely occupied. She was only 23 years old when she contracted and died of typhoid fever. This had to have been a terrible blow for her father. To be far away and unable to be with his daughter in her death must have hurt deeply. She was buried on the property of the Jones family. To return her body to their Virginia home would have necessitated crossing Union lines so General Lee agreed to her burial on the land of the Sulfur Springs Hotel owner. Just six months before his death in 1870 Robert E. Lee was able to visit the Warren County grave. At that time he was in poor health. In 1994 her body was removed to the Lee Chapel and Museum in Lexington, Va to be located with other family members. Be sure and visit the regular sized cache Annie Lee's Grave (GC2471J) located near the grave site.
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