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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cusco Plaza Tour

If you are touring in Cusco be sure and visit the Plaza de Armas (the main city square). A local geocacher and tour business operator who goes by the geocaching identity of Chacana has placed four fine caches throughout the city and surrounding area. "Chacana" is the name for the Inka Cross. Check out the wrought iron railing in the picture. It's an Inka Cross. The human Chacana placed a multi-cache with five stages in and around the Plaza de Armas and then leading you out to a very interesting site. I can't reveal the secret to the site as it is part of the requirement for the last stage of the multi-cache. If you geocache you'll enjoy finding the different stages of this multi-cache as a unique way of getting to know some of the sights of Cusco. Check out Plaza Tour Cusco (GC2W02K). If you are traveling to Cusco and need a tour guide be sure to visit Juma Inka Tours too!

In Cusco be sure to visit Hatunrumiyoc Street. It runs off of the Plaza de Armas to the northeast and ends directly in front of Jake's Cafe (a popular restaurant with tourist). Hatunrumiyoc is famous for the Inka stones that are now part of the foundation of the Archbishops residences. One stone in particular is renown for its 12 sides. These stones are perfect fits and were placed without mortar.
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