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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Battle of Guilford Courthouse

The Battle of Guilford Courthouse is considered by some historians to be the turning point in the Revolutionary War. It occurred on 15 March 1781, 231 years ago this week. Quaker General Nathaniel Greene, for whom the nearby city of Greensboro is named, fought a delaying battle, planning to lose ground while depleting British resources and resolve. He was successful in his plan although he ceded the ground to the British. As a National Military park geocaches are not allowed on the grounds. The closest cache, which commemorates the men who fought here, is Hawk 7 (GC14E0), and is a multicache.

There are several reasons I am interested in this location. One is the high concentration of geocaches about. Another is the Quaker history. Not only was Nathaniel Greene a "wayward" Quaker (he was fighting after all) but the nearby community of New Garden was a Quaker community. Some of my ancestors were living in that community some years before the battle. The Friends were quick to provide medical care for the wounded from both sides. Another reason is that I had a great grandparent who found in the Virginia line (one of three successive lines of defense employed by General Greene during the battle). Come in the fall and enjoy the beautiful trails and fall colors. While you are at it visit the multitude of geocaches all about!

A special thanks to slowlysheturned, NCReedplayer, learn_nc and Eric Fink for the photos
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