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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Puzzled in Peru --- My favorite puzzle cache

Inca Sunset
The end of the line
Coastal view
We stepped out of the doctor's office in the Miraflores district of Lima and switched on the GPSr. In no time we had signal and saw that the cache was .91 miles from where we stood. We had been planning to grab this cache in conjunction with the trip to the doctor. We set off following the needle to the northeast in search of a relatively new puzzle cache entitled Inca Sunset (GC3MR06). We zigzagged from one city block to another as we worked our way over to the coastline. About a month earlier I worked out the on-line puzzle from home. Now that we were in Lima it was time to solve the puzzle by tracking to the set of coordinates revealed when the puzzle was assembled. Our walk brought us to the park that sits atop a long stretch of cliffs along the Lima coast. From there you can look down on a ocean-side road and the rocky beaches of Lima. Here many people walk and run early in the morning and in the evening. We tracked to the end of the bike trail to find ground zero. From the photo revealed when we solved the on-line puzzle we knew what type of object we were looking for. My GPSr took me around behind a tennis court perched up on the cliff overlooking the sea. My wife, sumajhuarmi, had another idea. It turned out to be the right idea too. She quickly had the cache in hand. The container was unique and well suited for the environment. We signed the log before snapping a few photos of the area. Geocaches come and go along the coast in Lima. The professional grounds keeping in the parks is such that it is hard for a cache to survive for long. This one has a good chance of making it longer. It is well-hidden. The only danger is that an overly anxious geocacher who doesn't wait out a muggle sitting on a nearby park bench could give away the cache. If you are in Lima be sure to solve this puzzle and find this cache. The view of the Inca sunset is well worth it. A special thanks goes to Luke Robinson for the great sunset photo.
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