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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Barefoot Landing Caching - North Myrtle Beach, SC

Elwood the Lizzard
Ryan and Beth
Intercoastal Bridge at Barefoot Landing
Alligator cache
We spent the past week at North Myrtle Beach, SC. We went in together with one of our daughters and her family to rent a condo. Our younger daughter also joined us. My wife, sumajhuarmi, and I took off one evening for a one-hour caching run. The best and closest concentration of geocaches were across the Intercoastal Waterway from our condo and in the Barefoot Landing shopping and entertainment area.. The first cache was entitled, See Ya Later, Alligator (GC3PW6Z). It was a pretty quick find in the parking lot shrubbery. I really liked the alligator head container! From there we took off to one entitled, Jake and Elwood Sing the Blues (GC3PW7K), located near The House of Blues theater. It took us down a nice fenced-in boardwalk through a swampy area. As we were approaching ground zero with my GPSr out a family rounded the bend and stood there stunned. I was not sure why they would act this way so my first thought was that they weren´t muggles but geocachers letting us finish finding the cache before approaching. Then sumajhuarmi told me to look at something. It was a foot and a half long lizzard crawling along the boardwalk. The lizzard was obviously more concerned about getting away from us than anything else. The family thought it was a small alligator at first. Finally Elwood (we named him so) found a hole in the fence and got back into the swamp. With all the attention on Elwood we were able to find, sign, and replace the cache without anyone being the wiser. We continued on down the trail and over by restaurant row to find another cache before heading back to the car. We drove around behind the Alabama Theater to find the last cache of the evening before the sun went down. It gave us a great view of the Intercoastal Bridge leading into the Barefoot Landing Resort area. It was a small lock-n-lock which allowed me to drop off a travel bug I brought in from South America. We enjoyed the Barefoot Landing area so much that we took the rest of the family back for ice cream later in the evening. We enjoyed seeing the fish and turtles, walking around and visiting the shops, and our two-year old grandson enjoyed the merry-go-round. Once again geocaching took us to some places we would likely have never visited otherwise.
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