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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Geocaching: OVNI "UFO" Cache - Peru Jungle

Have you ever seen a UFO? In Spanish they are called OVNIs. It's almost a literal translation of Unidentified Flying Object (Objecto Voladora No Identificado). As we were coming out of the foothills at the base of the Andes Mountains in Central Peru, heading into the jungle, we hit the first stretch of fairly flatland you see after having traversed the mountains. We came through the narrow canyon called El Boquerron and suddenly we were confronted with an OVNI! Someone has built a restaurant in the shape of a flying saucer with a big parking lot in front. It didn't look like it was the most popular eatery around. At the time we stopped there were no customers. In fact, there appeared to be two men inside the restaurant (it was an open-air restaurant) and they were having a worship service. They were singing and praying. We didn't want to disturb the church of the flying saucer so we steered clear. GTAbusquedor, a Pucallpa geocacher, had placed a cache in the area. Thankfully it was not right at the restaurant. We didn't see the color of the men inside the restaurant. They could have been green for all we know. Be sure to check out OVNI (GC3C2T0) if you get the chance to visit near Aguaytia, Peru. If you travel to Pucallpa, Peru it is only about three hours in car or van to this tourist area on the main highway back to Lima.
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