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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Geocaching west of Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, Brasil

A few week ago I told you about our flight to Cruzeiro do Sul, Brasil. We had a great time there. We spoke with some travel agents about the wisdom of promoting tourism in the region with geocaching. None had ever heard of it. Some were interested and others were not interested in the idea of geo-tourism. There are a few here thanks to GTAbusquedor so we explained how if these attracted any tourist how it would be worth it to place a series up and down the river and let tour guides take folks to find them in their boats. I hope there is a positive response. While visiting friends we took off to find the caches that have been placed in the area. With my friend we headed out to find CFL (GC3N3X7) near a training institute for church leaders.   The pastor who owns the land gave local geocacher cheysol permission to place this cache. Nonetheless it was good that we stopped by to ask permission since it is on private property. He gave it and we had a good time finding the cache and visiting with him. So much so that on Sunday we returned to visit church services. My friend gave me the cache information as this cache was not published. This was my friend's first cache placement and he was disappointed that he'd been waiting for over a week for the reviewer to approve or provide some type of feedback. We went for it anyway. It was great to get out into the countryside for a while. Don't go looking for this one though! Unfortunately my friend became frustrated and archived the cache when the reviewer  required he answer a bunch of unnecessary questions, some of which he had explained clearly in the cache information. 

Later in the week I took off with cheysol, and sumajhuarmi to find another one of GTAbusquedor's caches. This one is called Bamboo - Igrape Preto (GC3NR0Z). It was a weekend so when we got to this local watering hole (in every since of the word because it was a small lake with numerous drinking establishments around it) we followed the GPSr needle back behind the area where folks were swimming to cool off The name Bamboo says it all. We looked for about five minutes before coming up with the cache. I recommend that you make this a weekday cache as the quantity of muggles there was high. I hope you get a chance to visit the Brazilian jungle near Cruzeiro and to check out the caches here!

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