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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Plaza de Armas, Lima, Peru

If you make it to Lima on your travels one of the nice things to do is to watch the changing of the guard at the Palacio del Gobierno (Government Palace). If you are there at noon you'll get the chance to see the 19th century uniformed soldiers slowly goose step the changing of the guard. The Plaza de Armas (Central Plaza) is also an interesting place to explore. The main Cathedral has a museum and opposite to it on the other side of the plaza is a street with numerous small restaurants and sidewalk cafes. Around the corner towards the Rimac River is the San Francisco Church. Below it you can tour the catacombs. I hope that we can get a geocache in the area soon. It will most likely have to be a magnetic nano well-hidden. The gardeners do an excellent job in the city parks and the likelihood of any other kind of cache surviving is low. Maybe you'll place a cache here!
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