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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Geocaching: Woolworth Sit-in, Greensboro, NC

It was 1 February 1960 when four African American Students from NC A&T university sat down at the segregated counter at the Woolworth's store in Greensboro, NC. While blacks could come in and stand while eating, only whites were permitted to take a seat. They were refused service but were allowed to remain. The next day more students came in support of the sit-in. It grew from there to over 1000 in the next few days. The whole event sparked boycotts as well as national attention on segregation. As you visit the center of Greensboro be sure to not only pass by the Woolworth's and remember the courage of these four students but also pick up a few geocaches. Recently some of the local geocachers have replenished the city center with some great geocaches worth your time. Check out Greensboro History - GSO Walk About (GC2JB9M). Come visit my home town! A special thanks to NCReedplayer and dbking for the photos.
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