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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A visit from Glenn Weaver

I could be a geocaching tour guide if such a thing existed. I really enjoy getting to meet fellow cachers as they come through Ecuador. I received an email from Glenn Weaver, a geocacher from Philadelphia, PA. He asked if we could meet up and go caching when he came through Ecuador. We met up on Sunday afternoon and traveled from his hotel in Old Quito to the Metropolitan Park. We made a circuit hitting a number of the caches in the park. Glenn dropped a TB while finding a number of caches. He also placed a cache, Support Power (GC2ZCN3). I'm eager to get back out and find it! Probably the highlight of the day was Glenn's first ever FTF! He found Oh Canada, EH (GC2PBAK), a cache placed by Doogerd on his recent trip to Ecuador. The afternoon gave us a chance to become friends. For me one of the highlights of geocaching is the friendships that I get to make along the way. I wish Glenn safe travels as he travels the world!
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