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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dirty Santa 2011!!!!

This year we are super blessed to be back in the good ole USA with family and friends! We have been traveling about promoting our new geocaching-tourism venture (more on that later in 2012). For now, we are enjoying the time at home. One of my favorite songs is Kenny Loggins' "Celebrate Me Home" and it speaks to where we are right now. One of the local cachers has started a tradition that I like. This is the second year he's played the Dirty Santa game with the geocaching community in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Thanks to RhettButler2 and Scarlett for putting out Dirty Santa 2011 (GC38QY7) in the woods just around the corner from my daughter's home. Along with my grandson, MasterYoda1, I made the trip a short way into the woods to find a giant blue package all decked out with a bow. Inside were many gifts. According to the cache description some were gag gifts. The instructions were to avoid cherry picking but to just reach inside the bag and come up with the wrapped gift that you are going to open. We took our turns at it and got our gifts. Our gifts were not gag gifts. I got a nice pare of work gloves and my grandson got a nice picture frame with the photo of the cache owner. Hats off to RhettButler2 and Scarlett for their generosity!
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