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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quenqo Chico - Cusco, Peru

Along with the entrance fees for the Sacsayhuaman tour in Cusco you get the opportunity to visit some other sites. One of them is Quenqo, a labyrinth sight with channels of water. Some believe that the Inca built this sight as some kind of oracle. By sacrificing animals and watching which way the blood and water flowed they divined answers to their questions. Be sure to check out the geocache there. Quenqo Chico (GC34J5A) is just down the hill from Quenqo Grande and is a elongated mount of rock and dirt where few people seem to venture. They are all focused on the principle site above. You can follow the trail down and make a quick find. On the day we were there we broke away from the tour to venture down to the ancient site and visit the cache. We were several families with kids. The kids enjoyed running around the area. Check out the beautiful stand of eucalyptus trees bordering the site.
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