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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Triad Park Winter Caching

My grandson and I had a great time caching on a sunny winter afternoon in the North Carolina piedmont. We drove 20 minutes to Triad Park on Highway 421 near Colfax, NC and parked the car near the main gate. We could have driven around to parking within several hundred feet of the caches but we needed the exercise. Our first cache took us to an abandoned hawk's nest. The cache itself, Hawks Nest (GC299JB) was not in the same tree but you could easily see the hawk's nest from the GZ area. We then hiked through the woods and into a large open field. We hiked across the field to a barbed wire fence defining the limits of the park. There we found Ghillie Cache - Operation: Evergreen Fence (GC244JN). I'm thankful for my grandson's eyes as I totally missed this one. From this location we were off on an azimuth that would lead us to our next cache. About half way along a .4 mile hike to the next cache my grandson shouted that he'd found the cache. He thought I was walking past it to give him the chance to find it. It turns out that he had found the final stage of a multi-cache. We signed the log and traded some items before replacing the cache. We later found out that it was a premium member-only cache so we couldn't log it. We continued on to find another great woodland cache followed by a multi-cache. The multi-cache involved a pair of boots located at different ends of the park. By the time we were through with the final stage of the multi the sun was going down and the weather was quite nippy. We did stop in at the rock climbing site so MasterYoda1 could demonstrate his climbing skills. He was ready to head home after a stop at the local corner store for a treat. Caching with my grandson is one of my favorite ways to spend time with him!
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