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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Caching my way to Emerald Isle, NC

We had just watched the Argentina - Mexico World Cup game on Sunday when we began to plan what to do for the 4th of July. We aren't normally in the US on this special holiday so with being here on vacation primarily to greet our new grandson we had not given thought to the possibility of spending some time at the beach. We got on line and found the last affordable place on the coast for four nights. That set in motion some intense geocaching planning. I challenged my nine-year old grandson, MasterYoda1, to accompany me early on the date of our trip. We left well in advance of the others so we could cache our way from High Point, NC to Emerald Isle Beach, NC. It was a great day filled with all kinds of caches. There were large, medium and small ammo boxes, lock and lock tupperware containers, 35 mm film containers, decon containers, medicine bottles and nanos. A good number of the first ones we got were premium-only caches. I have mixed feelings about these caches. I guess some would tell me not to look for them if I feel this way but I found and logged them anyway. A friend gave me a premium membership last year and suddenly all these "hidden" caches popped up. I really appreciate the kind gift because it has allowed me to find more caches than I would have otherwise. Nonetheless, I believe that caching should be free to all. Having premium-only type cache seems akin to the nickle and diming that the airlines are doing for things like extra leg room or for the chance to board earlier than others. I guess Groundspeak is finding the means of making more money, just like the airlines. I kind of wish we didn't have premium-only caches. We had a great day traveling to the beach. Before the day was up our family members traveling separately passed us by and were at the beach house well ahead of us. Such is the joy of geocaching. Just before arriving at Emerald Isle I found Canope Cache (GC25PAP) and snapped this photo. It isn't the first time I've come across this type of cache. The cache was suspended from a limb about 20 feet up in the air by a line of twine that looked precarious. I'd left my swag bag on the ground next to the cache before raising it back. I kind of had second thoughts about retrieving my things wonder if the ammo can would stay up there long enough for me to grab my stuff and move on. It did. I always like an ammo can in the woods! I'm looking forward to caching on Emerald Isle this week. Crossing the bridge to the isle and knowing that there are a good number along the coast and the inlet promises for a great vacation!
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