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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cache #1300!

We lived it up at the beach! What beautiful weather and fun times with my family. I miss my youngest daughter who is working this summer in Ecuador. Other than that we have all our kids and grandkids with us on Emerald Isle. The 4th of July was a special day for playing on the beach and then some afternoon geocaching. I took off from the condo where we are staying to walk the one mile to the first cache. It was at a beach access picnic area. The area was well shaded and the clue said to stand on a picnic table. The GZ put me at the base of a tree but I couldn't see anything that looked like the described 35 mm film canister. The main problem is that the picnic tables were chained to a concrete pad and I couldn't move any of them to the tree. Just when it would be nice to have my grandson with me. He'd have climbed that tree for me. Maybe later. I walked the mile back along the beach to where my family was. From there I went to the car and began my search for more caches within the Emerald Isle city limits. I found two quick ones along a new bike trail. Then several eluded me. I really wanted one more cache. The rest were caches in high muggle areas in town. This being the 4th of July and everyone being out discouraged me from going there. There were two more possibilities on the way back to the condo. The first didn't look feasible from the road. It described a trail back to the sound side of the island but from the road every access looked like a private driveway. There was one more option before having to drive way south to Atlantic Beach for the next cache. After a streak of micros what a joy to find a regular size geocache on the beach. Bonsai Beach (GCY16C) was a fun find, large and full of swag. It was good to find number 1300! Now I could go home for supper. This is our first time at Emerald Isle. We highly recommend it.
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