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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The High Point Mafia

We experienced a first soon after returning to the US. We went to a geocacher meet and greet affair in High Point, NC. A group of geocachers known as the High Point Mafia put on an event where geocachers from the area could gather, match up faces with user names and just have fun. Paula, Rubi, Karen (our granddaughter) and I attended. It was event Dinner with the "Family" (GC1VZX). The food was good and I met a number of local geocachers. It turned out that several know my sister and are part of the same church as she. Not to be out done, there were some rough characters at the dinner. Check out the pictures. We saw a whole new side to geocachers tonight. They like to get together and have fun. The High Point Mafia dressed the part. We had a great time and the southern cooking, well, it was something we've been missing!
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