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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Caching on Topsail Island, NC

This blog has some spoilers related to Topsail Island. Our family had a great opportunity to do something we've never done. Our two married daughters and their families joined us with our youngest daughter for a week at North Topsail Island. It was great! We had fun, no one got sunburned too badly and the grandkids had a great time. So did the grandparents. It also gave me the chance to find a few caches in the area. Since our youngest needed experience behind the wheel of her car before getting her driver's license, it made for a good combination. She drove me around to a number of the caches. We cached in places like the boardwalk along the beach, the freshwater inlet behind the island and down into Wilmington. Some of my favorite caches were The Raven (GC1GYTC), The New River Estuary Earthcache (GC1H9V4) and No Wetlands, No Fish! (GC1MHRC). If you get the chance to visit Topsail Island check out the good caches the local cachers, and a few visitors, have placed. There are some good ones. There is one that I simply haven't been able to crack. About a little over half the searchers come up empty-handed. I probably gave three hours to this one over the last two years. Maybe next year I'll find "Can U Sea the Diamond" (GC1B8RC).

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