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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Caching on the UNC-Greensboro Campus

This blog has spoiler shots for caches on the UNCG campus. The best time to cache on a university campus is between semesters. With just a week to go before classes started the weather broke from its daily high 90's and dipped into the 70's. It was great. I parked my car off campus and made a circuit around the campus finding all but one very difficult cache. There were a number of interesting caches along the way. Some were placed by students. The challenging cache is called High Rise Valley (GC1B119). Check it out. The majority of those who hunt it come away with a DNF. It's there, it is just well hidden. At this writting I figure among those who came up empty handed on this cache. I moved about the campus largely unobserved since the students weren't there yet. The cool weather was great. It really helped me as I'm suffering from some poison ivy I got when I went searching for a cache in a patch of woods where my wife said "don't go". She was right! Most of the caches here are micros given the urban setting. One of my favorite is represented in a photo. I will not specifically say which cache it was. With the electrical cable running out of it one would think it was something official. The cache was inside the device. I figured this out after a good 20 minutes of searching the nearby bushes. As I continue to look for caches around the area I am expanding the search area more and more. To date I've kept up my daily caching excursions. Today makes day #40 and counting!
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