I am a proud

Friday, July 24, 2009

It's like being in heaven, sort of....

We touched down in Greensboro, NC on 13 July to begin a six month visit with family and friends. We've enjoyed getting reconnected. During some of that spare time I've been able to get out and geocache. I know that I could increased the number of finds by using my car but, since I'm set on loosing 20 lbs by mid-December, I have decided to combine the hunt with hiking. For the last four days I've hit the trails in western Greensboro. I've thoroughly enjoyed the time in the woods. The smells of summer in the piedmont are great! Each day I've increased my rate of exercise as well as found a number of interesting geocaches. My eight year old grandson went with me one day. He tires out sooner than I do but enjoys the sport. His attention span is less so when the hunt gets complicated he starts asking me if I'm ready to give up well before I'm ready. It is fun to go with him. Had supper tonight with some good friends who saw the scratches on my arms and remembered that I geocache. They want to go so we are set for an outing a week or so away. I'm loving caching in the Guilford College area!
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