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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Otavalo, Ecuador - The Indian Market

While our daughter and her husband were visiting we took a trip to Otavalo. This is one of our favorite places in Ecuador. The Otaveleno Quichua are real craftsmen and business people. The heart of the town of Otavalo is the Indian market. It is open everyday but the big day is Saturday. Since it can be very crowded we decided to go on a Friday and not fight the crowds. I thought of hiding a cache in the market but discovered that every square inch of the place is under watchful eyes. It just wouldn't work; at least not until I become a better geocache hider. We had a great day shopping, something this geocacher isn't usually in to. It gave us a chance to use some of our Quichua language. That really helped with the bartering and it got us better prices on most of the souvenirs we bought. Standing in the market I could look to the east and see Cotocachi Volcano where the Cuicocha caches are located. Even nearer is the Mojanda Lake on top of Fuya Fuya Volcano just south of the market where a small cache which has only been found once in its two-year life is hidden. Mojanda affords great views of two crater lakes. Don't leave Otavalo until you've visited the Pie Shop. They have the best pies from almost every flavor you can think of.
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