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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Peruvian Jungle Cache

From the coast to the jungle of Peru in an hour. Thanks to Lan airline it's an easy trip. The jungle humidity sure was a blast in the face as I stepped off the plane. My friend was there to pick me up and within minutes we were at his house. After a good night of rest we got down to business during the morning. During the afternoon we took off to hide a geocache somewhere around Pucallpa, Peru. A healthy number of tourist come through this jungle port town on the Ucayali River. We headed out to the west of town to Yarinacocha, a large lake. Tourist frequent it. Try is I might, there were muggles walking, on motorcycle, sitting, sleeping, sharing a meal everywhere I turned. We headed back into town thinking that maybe the clocktower park on the river front would support a cache. Wow! The muggle density there was five times worse that Yarinacocha. We walked around and looked the port area over but it just wouldn't last the day if planted here. On the way home I asked Marty if they had a local cemetery. That's right, the only place I could think of in this bustling town where there might be a moments peace would be the cemetery. Marty confirmed that he sometimes has gone there to walk and think because there aren't many folks there. Now in a cemetery in the US I might place a simple cache in a respectful place like a tree or bush but not on a grave. In most Latin cemeteries the graves are above ground and every square inch is occupied. There aren't many spaces for a respectable cache in a Latin cemetery. Fortunately as we drove towards the house we saw a wooded area with a sign "Parque Natural de Pucallpa". This was it! A couple of acres of wooded land with nature trails and little signs telling you the names of the different trees. At last Pucallpa has its first geocache. Now how long will it take for someone to find it? 
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