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Monday, April 6, 2009

Caching in Costa Rica

I made a trip to San Jose, Costa Rica to participate in some training. I had a great time! Add to it that I was able to take a little time to find four caches in and around San Jose and Heredia. I walked out to the Latin American Bible University, a round trip of four miles, and found the first one. The next day I drove out to Heredia and found The Place to Be in 1763 (GC1DVX0). It was hiden in a muggle-intensive area right on the main city park. It was a Saturday afternoon and there wasn't a seat open in the whole park. I worked my way through the Cathedral and out into the church's side park. It gave better access to the cache without being observed as readily by the hundreds of people just on the other side of the fence. From Heredia I tracked up into the hills looking for and finding YWAM Twin A (GC17CAC). The cache is on the property of the mission base of Youth With a Mission (YWAM). This is a beautiful property where young Ecuadorians and North Americans come to be equipped to do ministry in several Central American countries. I stopped in to ask for permission to look for the cache. Just as I expected, the four young men, one North America and the others Costa Ricans, had never heard of geocaching and were somewhat amazed that a person would drive all the way up to where they were to look for a tupperware box. I had them take my GPSr and track to the GC. We found the cache, I logged in and dropped a TB. They all wanted the website so they could learn more about the sport. I had a good time getting to know these guys. From high over Heredia I drove down to the edge of San Jose and fought the Saturday afternoon traffic to get to SJO Layover (GC1EQCP). This one was put in by Reefpilot, an airline pilot who flies into several of our countries. Sure am glad he's placing some caches during his layovers. It was dark when I found the GC and started looking for this nano. There were some night guards at a business directly across the street. I felt rather conspicuous feeling around the fence in the dark with them observing me. I believe that I was able to get the cache, sign the log and replace it without them knowing what was going on. It took a walk around the block to sign the log and then swing back by to replace the nano. This may be my last trip to Costa Rica so it was great to be able to hit a couple more caches!
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