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Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Pirate's Welcome For Sonny,Sandy, & Sean

I was listening to Podcacher, the geocaching podcast by Sonny, Sandy and Sean in late March and heard that they were taking a vacation in Orlando, FL about the time I was going there for a meeting. They announced that a group of local geocachers were hosting an even so the geocaching community in the Tampa area could get to know them. I had already arranged to visit the Sea Breeze Community Church in St. Petersburg and would be there. I made plans to attend. The event was great. I arrived at the Varsity Club restaurant/pub in Clearwater, FL at 5 p.m., signed the log sheet, got my nametag and asked a couple that looked as though they were alone if I could sit with them. It was great to make friends with Rick and Gloria. They were guest from far away just like me. I had a great evening meeting and getting to know other geocachers, some from the area and some snowbirds from the northern states. Sonny, Sandy and Sean came and visited around the tables. It was nice to meet them after listening to their podcast program from over a year now. During the course of the evening the host geocachers even had a drawing for prizes. I was first and it wasn't even a drawing. They gave me the gift for coming the furtherest (from Ecuador). I was impressed. What a blessing. I received a CD/MP3 player. A fellow from Michigan gave me his pathtag as well. I had a great time! I think I'll try to participate in a few more of these caching events when I come home to North Carolina in July for our next furlough.
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