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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Above Lima

Early before the rush hour traffic Arnold and I left the Miraflores section of Lima, over near the coast, and drove towards the desert mountains to the east. We passed through old colonial Lima. As we traveled Cierro San Cristobal (Saint Christopher) loomed ever greater against the skyline. Along the base and along the climbing road to the top were the Pueblos Jovenes (developing communities). What's unique about these are the brightly painted multicolored buildings. The blues, yellows, pinks and other colors were a refreshing break from the brownish gray dessert sand that is this part of Lima. We wound our way passed the 12 stations of the cross that mark the way up to the top of the hill. At the top we had a dynamic view of the dusty city of Lima. It was hazy but we could make out the Pacific Ocean to the west in the distance. Why had we come? Two reasons: to see the view and to FTF (first to find) Above Lima (GC1K2A0). We parked at the top and marveled at the view. Following the instructions we back tracked down the mountain about 50 meters to the GC. As described the cache was hidden in a small cave-like crevice. All around were remanents of incense bowls and sacrifices of food and beer. Must be part of the pilgrimage made up the hill at times. After some dusty searching we found it! We FTFed a cache that was placed three days short of three months ago. Yeah, if your counting and your FTF count is too low for you, come to South America to boost it! We had a great morning and saw a part of Lima that most never see. Thank you Gorranata for the cache!
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