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Sunday, March 29, 2009


"When I'm not caching I'm listening to Podcacher." Every week, usually on Monday morning, me and a whole lot of geocachers around the world download and listen to our geocaching staple, a podcast all about geocaching from Sonny and Sandy from San Diego, California. Every week Sonny and Sandy produce a great show with an interview or topic of interest along with updates on GPSr and GPS-related equipment and software, stories of First Finds, milestone reports where folks tell about reaching a new level in geocache finds, and much more. It's a great way to fill the void between those geocaching opportunities. Podcacher also sports a forum that unites geocachers from around the globe in discussions of geocaching and related topics. You can always get an answer to a question on the forums. I've been blessed by making a number of geocaching acquaintances via the Podcacher forums. If you haven't found Podcacher yet, just visit iTunes podcasts and search under the topic of geocaching. You'll find it. You can also go to and listen to the program.  

Woman Listening to MP3 Player on Beach

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