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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Revolutionary War Heros from Georgia...and a geocache

We were traveling up Highway 221 from Douglas, GA headed towards Augusta. Along the way we came through the town of Louisville, GA. On the outskirts of town there is a sign announcing the location of a Revolutionary War Cemetery. We pulled in a small paved lane that took us through a wooded area opening into a large cemetery clearing. The Spanish moss hanging from the trees of the well-kept cemetery was beautiful. The first thing we did was to walk to the GZ for Louisville Revolutionary War Cemetery (GC1KZ7H). The walk was easy and the cache was a large ammo can. We signed the log and then hurried back to the main attraction: the cemetery itself. We began to walk among the headstones. These are men who fought to establish our country. Who were these heroes? Some had settled in Georgia before the war began, others came here to set land granted to them as a result of their service. There were approximately 13 veterans of this war buried here. I did a little research on line and found that there is little recorded to tell us about the lives of most of these men. I did, however, uncover the following about two of the men buried in the cemetery:

Paddy Carr
Patrick "Paddy" Carr -- Born in Ireland but settled in Georgia before the Revolutionary War. According to Draper, The Heroes of King's Mountain, Carr was involved in several battles and forays against the British and their Tory supporters within Georgia. Most notable was his participation in the Battle of King's Mountain among Major Candler's men. He was known as a valiant fighter, often refusing quarter to surrendering troops. Claims are that he killed over 100 Tories during the war. He was murdered in August, 1802. It is said his death was a revenge killing by descendants of a Tory he killed during the war.

Brigadier General James Gunn -- He served as part of the Virginia line. After moving to Savannah, Ga he rose through the ranks. He became one of Georgia's first US Senators after the war. He is most notable for having challenged Nathaniel Greene to a duel over an insult Greene issued sometime during the war. To the best of our knowledge no duel took place between the men.

I hope you get the chance to visit this little town and its historic cemetery.

General James Gunn

A portion of the cemetery

Sons of the American Revolution marker


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