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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Downtown small town Kernersville, NC geocaching walk

The Guardian Angel

Black art
Well babyshowers are just not for me. sumajhuarmi knows that so she had no trouble letting me off the hook if I would drop her off at my sister's childcare facility one Saturday afternoon. She and our granddaughter had a good time celebrating the upcoming birth of our new great niece. In the mean time I parked
Urban Housing is for the birds

Kernersville Railway Station

Soiler - What's left of the Mighty Mountains here

Tavern of Jule Korner in the 1800's
the car and took off walking a pre-planned route through parts of Kernersville, North Carolina.

I found some interesting urban caches as I worked my way through this small downtown area. Some were, as you can see to the left, fitting urban housing for the birds. Others were a strange kind of urban artwork, perfect for a magnetic keyholder box. As you can probably tell from the picture, the Guardian Angel was overlooking a nice place to stash a cache.

Probably my favorite cache of the day was an earthcache located in the heart of downtown K'town. The Mighty Mountains of Kernersville! (GC1X47P) is located next to the old railroad depot near a flagpole. The landscaping included some old rocks that are of geological significance, thus the opportunity to learn something. Today you have to drive a far piece to find a mountain!

There were several frustrating caches. You know the kind; the ones that require you to abandon all pretenses of stealth in order to even look for them. There was one right outside the window of the police station near a statue commemorating the service the police provide to the community, It was a nice location but full of muggle observers. Add to that the fact that it wasn't an easy cache. I had to go with a DNF on this one and move on. Thankfully most of the caches were more rewarding.

Being on foot and having no map in hand I trekked down a side street thinking it would take me to a wooded GZ. I cut in behind some apartments and along a sewer line. The going got rough with briers so big that I couldn't keep going. I used to push through these and just take the punishment. Since going on blood thinners I've had to change my behavior a little. I pulled back to avoid the blood flow. I worked my way around the long way without having to leave the woods only to find that my path was blocked by an industrial fence. The only way to this cache would be by backtracking and walking a half hour around several blocks to get to the other side. So much for that cache.

Along the way I came up on a downtown mural that portrays an early tavern that served the stagecoach traffic through this community. The town got its name from the owner. The actual building stands along one of the downtown streets just south of the center of town.

All in all I had a good day. For me it sure beat sitting in the car waiting on sumajhuarmi. Or better yet it beat having to go to the shower. I received a call from sumajhuarmi a little ahead of my schedule. I wasn't through with my list of potential cache finds when she located me and took me home. K'town has some nice little caches, some best hunted by parking and leaving your car somewhere.

No matter where you are, if there are caches to be had there is a good chance that you can have some fun!
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