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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Piedmont Environmental Center caching hike

SPOILER ALERT FOR GUILFORD COUNTY, NC ---- It was Sunday afternoon and little did I know that a surprise birthday party was in the works for me that evening. My 10 year old grandson wanted to go geocaching with me. It is this way every time I come hope to visit. He gets excited about going with me but that only lasts several trips and he's bored with it. This time he wanted to bring a neighbor. We met at 3:30 p.m. and headed out. I'd decided to visit the Piedmont Environmental Center again as four new caches had appeared there since I was last in town. We got to the parking area and after a brief explication of geocaching and how the GPSr worked, off we went. Garrett, the neighbor boy, had been with his grandfather before but didn't know much about the sport. He seemed to enjoy it from the very beginning. We made our way through the wooded area working our way east towards High Point City Lake. It was great to find some regular size caches in the woods after so many micros in the city. One was actually a micro in the woods but it wasn't too bad. One cache had us following geo-trails all around a fallen tree and through the briers. Finally we looked up and there it was. Always remember to look up! On a nearby tree we found a rope wound around some hooks to let it down. As the hint said it was in plain sight....sort of. A quick glance at the watch told me that we had just enough time to hike half a mile to try a multicache. The guys were up for it and off we went. The trail was beautiful. All three stages of the cache were right on and we found the final stage in short order. I haven't done many multicaches so it was nice to get another one. We headed back to the car and made it back to my daughter's house in time to get cleaned up and ready for the surprise birthday party that I wasn't supposed to know about. It was great. What a way to spend the day of your birthday party! Please forgive the upside down photo. I tried to change it out but feared I'd end up losing all my photos if I tried to get rid of this one. The tree really wasn't upside down.

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