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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Better Bear Trap

SPOILER ALERT FOR PIEDMONT NORTH CAROLINA Every now and then you see a cache that catches your attention. It can be because it is unique in design, in the way it is hidden or in the place it is hidden. Today I saw one that I really liked. It wasn't all that difficult to find. It was actually very easy. I like the simple creativity of the geocachers who hide these types of caches. When I first saw it I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture. When it was time to sign the log I got to wondering if this were a functioning trap. What if I touch the bison tube and the whole thing springs on me? I poked it with my pen and then, with unnecessary effort, held the armed trap so it wouldn't close on me. Upon closer examination it became evident that the trap is rigged in such a way that it looks armed but will not spring on anyone. If you get to High Point, NC and get to do some caching, check out Build a Better Bear Trap (GC27HWZ) hidden very close to a playground at a recreation center. During the summer months there are lots of children in the area.
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