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Sunday, July 31, 2011

North, South, East and West

Every now and then when caching opportunities are down to nothing I take a look back at some of the caches I've found. I enjoy seeing if they are still there, what the logs say, some the photos, etc. Recently I started thinking about which cache find was the most northern, southern, eastern and western on the map. All of my travels since I became a geocacher have been in North and South America. Here they are: North most: New one for us (GCAD23) - a virtual memorializing fallen firefighters north of Hartford, Conn. I remember how biting cold the wind was the day I found this one; Southern most: Cerro Nielol (GC2016P) - a regular in a nice park overlooking Temuco, Chile that I found with some friends who had never been caching before; Eastern most: Majo y Zou BUE Cache (GCN1VD) - a magnetic micro on an old large port crane used for of loading ships in the Buenos Aires, Argentina port; and Western most: Tarantula Alley (GCH4VZ) - I found this regular cache alone on a windy day when I crawled down into a deep gully overshadowed by several tall power-generating windmills on a butte overlooking San Jon, New Mexico to the north. Hey, what about you? Leave a comment on your cache find that is farther from home in one or all of the cardinal directions!
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