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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wings Over Orlando

Want a really cool Virtual Cache? There aren't many out there but I found one just north of the Orlando International Airport. It's called Wings Over Orlando (GC4F78). Come check out the B-52 set up in this beautiful little out-of-the-way park on the north end of the airport. No spoilers here, just a commercial in hopes that if you get there you'll go see it. I really wish virtual caches would come back. I understand the concern over geocachers placing virtuals at every turn but I do believe that there could be some limitations placed on the type of cache that would make it a worthwhile thing. I really enjoyed seeing this place and seeing the aircraft that is on display. Few people know about this park and what it offers. Geocaching brought me here and gave me the chance to see it. Could we not have virtuals that are placed in a location of interest like this? Certainly there is a way to regulate this so that an LPC (Lamp post cache) doesn't become a virtual. Any thoughts on this one?

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