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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Dwarfs and Snow White Series - Orlando, FL

Caching in and around Orlando, Florida has been fun. The land is flat and good for biking. Fortunately I was able to borrow a bike to do some caching while at a recent conference. I had grabbed up all the caches within a kilometer of the conference area and was ready to extend my search further out. One problem: I had no car and the amount of time when I could break away for daylight caching during the conference limited me to that which was relatively close. Fortunately a friend loaned me a bike and I was able to extend my search out to a nearby park where, thanks to Heymanncachers, the Snow White and the Dwarfs series was waiting for me. It took me several visits to complete the course. I left and pedaled my way out during two lunch breaks and two mornings before breakfast. Each morning required that I leave before sunup to get there when the light was sufficient to see. Some of these caches are along the lake in woods mixed in with residential areas. I didn't want the police to come looking for me hunting in the night. The series was a fun one and it took me to some nice wooded locations. I was thinking that there were seven dwarfs so I'm not sure why there were only six dwarf caches before getting to the multicache that crowned the series. After I finished the series a friend told me about his experience with an alligator on the sidewalk near a pond at first light. It made me wonder just what I could and should have run into going out to at least two of the caches just at daybreak. I wonder if there are any geocachers in Florida that have been alligator bait? Check out the series if you get the chance to visit the Orlando area. It is a few miles south of the Orlando airport. The final cache is Snow White (GC28CDC).
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