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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wadesboro, NC Historic Churches Multi

While on a five-day trip through NC to speak in churches in order to promote mission giving we had the chance to stop off for a few days in Wadesboro, NC. My wife's aunt lives here so we always have a place to stay and family to spend time with in Anson County. I had found most of the caches in Wadesboro and surroundings so one day I went to Cheraw, SC to look for a few. Another day I went to the Uwharrie Forrest to find some geocaches along some great hiking trails. I also spent a few hours one morning doing some multi-caches in Wadesboro. The first one was Wadesboro Central High School Plus (GC17687). It was a two-stage cache with the actual hidden cache in the Anson County Historical Society's property. I enjoyed seeing the old buildings that have been relocated to this site for preservation and show. The second multi-cache was Downtown Churches in Uptown Wadesboro (GCN6MR). This one required that I find a numeric clue from a date on a building or a sign, enter that into the formula to come up with the coordinates for the next stage and so on. In the course of the hunt it brought me to the local Baptist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic Episcopalian and finally Methodist Church. The actual cache was hidden in a place for meditation at the Methodist Church. It was nice to read a little about the history of Wadesboro's churches. I also took a trip over to the next county to the east to find a few caches. Hamlett was a small town with a couple of caches in a park near the caboose pictured above. It also had a cache commemorating The Hamlet Train Wreck (GCRN1J). This was a nice ammo box hidden near the actual site of the 1911 train wreck. Hamlet was a pretty sleepy town this misty rainy day but in at the time of the wreck I'm sure it was pretty busy.
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