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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Uwharrie National Forest Caching, Central North Carolina

While my wife visited with family in Wadesboro I made the 45-minute drive north into the Uwharrie National Forest on a beautiful, sunny Indian summer fall day. The circuit I drove took me to the National Forest, then to Albemarle and on to Oakville and back to Wadesboro. I avoided the micros when I got to Uwharrie. Why look for them until all the ammo boxes and lock n locks are gone. It was fun hiking the trails. I was a little concerned that I wasn't dressed in orange since hunters were starting to head out into the woods. Even though these trails are supposed to be protected I was still a little uncomfortable. I found some nice caches among the rocks and trees of Uwharrie. Lake Tillery was beautiful today. In Albemarle I stopped at Rock Creek park which runs along a creek and swamp area. I hiked about a quarter mile out a straight and paved vehicle trail to find Gabby Rocks (GC1FTH9). There was nothing spectacular about the cache itself but its what happened while I was out there. Here is a copy of my log:

This was my most exciting cache of the day. It was an easy find. Just as I put the cache back and checked my coordinates for the next cache I heard wood crack. Then I heard some large limbs falling. Then I heard a bigger cracking sound and saw a smaller rotted out tree fall against what turned out to be a larger rotted out tree. I took off running north on the trail as the big one started falling. I was concerned about the domino effect. I could have stayed put and been ok by 50 feet or so I estimate. I didn't go back. This is the first time a tree has fallen near me in the forest. It was a big one too. Thanks for the caching experience and the find.

I traveled south to Oakville, picking up caches along the way. There was one at the old train station in Oakville that is worth the stop. Nearby their was a park with several ammo cans in the park. As I traveled across northern Anson County I recalled the genealogy research I've done in this county and what I've learned about my wife's Revolutionary War and Civil War era ancestors. I had a great day today!

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