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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The White Mountain Range and a new cache

Traveling in the Peruvian Andes is often a challenge but the people, the culture and the landscape make you feel like a National Geographic writer. It is marvelous. We made a near loop from Huaraz, the Department capital, to the north to Yungai, over the White Mountains to Yanama (where we stayed three days), San Luis, Huari, San Marcos, Chavin (where we stayed two days) and on to Conococha and back down to Lima. These pictures are of the beautiful White Mountains as we traveled through Chavin. Chavin is worth a google. It is the ancient and archealogical site of a pre-Incan culture. We were there on a Monday and were not able to visit the ruins of that civilization. I visited there about eight years ago and do recommend it for travelers. I'd hoped to place a cache there but didn't have the time. I did get to place one overlooking the Conochoca Lake and another on the way down the mountains on the way to Lima. They are respectively, Asisian View (GC1QPKX) and Raising Cane (GC1QPM5).
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