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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guilford County, NC Family visit and geocaching fun

I love the spring in North Carolina! I had the opportunity to travel to NC and Virginia for nine days of work and family time. It was great getting out and doing some geocaching with my grandchildren and with my daughter, Beth. My favorite caching took place on Memorial Day when K.K (10 years old) and MasterYoda1 (8 years old) went with Grandpa to Hagen Stone Park. We had a day of sunshine and fun hiking the trails and visiting all the caches we could. Little legs get tired and have to stop and play on the playground between caches. Hey, within the photos are spoilers so I'll not mention which caches they are. I highly recommend Hagen Stone Park. You can park and hit the trails without all that in and out of the car stuff.
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