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Friday, June 19, 2009

UFOs and a German POW Cache

During my nine-day trip to the US I spent four days near Richmond, Virginia. On my way up from Greensboro, NC I traveled along state highway 360. There are two really interesting caches along the way. One is a virtual. This is a spoiler so stop reading if you don't want to know. Even before learning about geocaching I'd seen the strange unidentified flying object sitting in the field and wondered what was up. Apparently a cacher cashed in on this one before virtuals went away. Check out Mothers, we've come for your daughters (GCM529). Another cache that caught my attention is German World War II POW Camp (GCF874). I love history so I want to know more about a World War II camp for German Prisoners of War. I tracked back into the woods and found the cache with little trouble. As the owner indicated, there are no structures left at the site. It is all woods now. I tried to contact the owner but even on they don't have his current email. I'd love to learn more about this one.
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