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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Downtown Buenos Aires Parque San Martin cache

We flew on a COPA flight from Quito to Panama and then all day to Buenos Aires, arriving at 10 p.m. local time, three hours difference from Quito time. We took a remis (a type of taxi) from the airport and were at the HoJo Hotel on La Florida Street by 11:15 p.m. La Florida is the walking zone for tourist. We checked in, dropped our bags and headed out to find the only cache we were able to get on this trip: Libertador General San Martin Square GC 1K5M4).  We selected our hotel with this geocache in mind. We were just across the street. At just before midnight the streets and park in this area are always well illuminated. This is tourism central. Although the cache is not recommended for night, we had no other choice as our remis was to pick us up just at sun-up. We tracked out into the park and found that we had some signal bounce. With the clue we were able to track right to it as we back tracked. Right to the cache just as the clue indicated. We sat on the park bench and signed the log in the light of a fancy park street lamp. Just then up drove park maintenance. He parked right in view range of us and just sat there. We waited, ate some snacks, waited.... Finally we decided that we'd have to take the micro home with us and return it before sun up. Maybe this guy would go somewhere by then. I woke up a couple of hours later thinking of going after another cache five blocks away but found that it had just the evening before been archived after being muggled. I went out and to my surprise found almost every park bench in the San Martin park occupied by restless sleeping homeless people. Most had blankets and some were saw logs. Right where I needed to be, on the bench where we signed the log the night before, slept a man who, as expected, just couldn't get comfortable. He tossed and turned as I walked by. I went up the sidewalk and waited, obvious to some of the other semi-sleepers. Finally after the fellow was still a while I crept in with the large tree between the homeless fellow and I. I reached around and deposited the cache in its place and go out of there. I don't think anyone saw me. This is a nice park by day but maybe the cache owner is right to say its not for night caching. Here are a few shots of the park at night and La Florida street where several tourist hotels are. I wish I had more time to go after four more new caches here but have to fly. 
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